About us

Legit Reviewers is an independent website. We put consumers’ needs first in the marketplace and empower them with the trusted knowledge they depend on to make better, more informed choices.

For years, we have provided proof-based product reviews, meticulous research, public education, and reliable policy action on behalf of consumers’ and users’ interests.

Unconstrained by advertising or other commercial influences, we have reviewed and presented the reviews according to consumer’s interest. We place the user’s concern at the front line and provide them with the best of the bests.

To advance our mission, we partner with consumers to:

• Shape the Marketplace. We meticulously and fearlessly test, review, and report on all available products and services, furnishing consumers to make meaningful and educated choices that improve their living and move the marketplace to better meet their needs.

• Influence Businesses. As the leading voice of consumers, we are uniquely positioned to work with businesses to improve practices and products, bringing safe and healthy options to the market in response to consumer needs and concerns.

• Guide rule makers. We bring together our nonpartisan analysis and scientific expertise with the power of consumer alliance to elevate commonsense, consumer-friendly rules and rebalance market forces to favor consumers’ privacy, safety, and financial security.

Across everything we do, Consumer Reports combines impartial, unbiased guidance for years of steady commitment to furnish consumers to make informed decisions. By being driven merely by the needs and concerns of consumers, we pursue to serve as the gold standard for consumer

power and knowledge. Ultimately, our success lies in giving a voice to—and being a voice for —consumers.

Our Mission Is Driven By:

• A team of trusted experts who put hundreds of products to the test each year in our highly advanced labs.

• Advocates and our team of apparels and experts at work place engage with more than 1 million consumer activists to push for betterment in the marketplace.

• A digital team who is developing new ways to better listen to and amplify the concerns of consumers.