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November 5, 2017
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Best Fitness Trackers 2018

Are you not getting the most out of your fitness regime?

Then worry not, a fitness tracker can point you in the right direction while you plan to keep up with your new year’s fitness resolution. Yes,Fitness tracker – the new smart way to track your health – has become increasingly popular recently. So, to pump up the momentum of your fitness regime we are presenting the top 7 best fitness trackers 2018 has to offer and available to buy today.

Best Fitness Trackers 2018

NameCurrent Price
Fitbit Charge 2
Garmin Forerunner 230
Fitbit Alta HR
Garmin Vivoactive HR
Apple Watch Nike+
Samsung Gear Fit2
Withings Activité Pop

According to a research, people who use fitness tracker are 30%-40% more active as compared to others. Lee Jordan, an ACE-certified health coach and behavior change specialist said that:

“Fitness Trackers help facilitate self-awareness and mindfulness, which are necessary for behavior change”

wearable’s market offers a plethora of devices. These devices can be worn on the head, the ears or even in the shoe, but the wrist-based wearable gadgets are by far the most popular. The leading reason for their popularity is that they can better blend in with your natural attire, counting steps made along the way.

It is worth considering the features you really want in your fitness tracker before you buy one. The best fitness trackers are far beyond than just a basic step counter. The amazing activity band is becoming a wellness device, with an emphasis on all-time heart rate monitoring, sedentary warnings and sleep tracking.

For those who are looking fora gadget to count steps and calories, monitor sleep and perhaps even have the added bonus of reading heart rate, you have definitely come to the right place.

In this buyer’s guide we’ve compiled our roundup of the best fitness trackers and included only those products we have tried and tested fully. So,let’s begin our review without any further delay.

Best Fitness Tracker 2018 Review

1) Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate and Fitness Wristband

Fitbit literally raised the level up with the Charge 2. Using Fitbit charge 2, you can make your every beat, every step count and a lot more including VO2 Max, Guided Breathing and Connected GPS. These amazing features of charge 2 earned it a review score bump-up and it made to the top of ourbest fitness trackers 2018 list.

The most amazing features our experts love about Fitbit charge 2 is automatic activity detection. You don’t need to signal the beginning and ending of your activity, the smart Charge 2 automatically detects an uptick in activity.
Fitbit claims that everything starts from heart, so tracking it is so much important. Theyuse PurePulse technology for monitoring the heart rate.This latest technology allows you to get the heart rate stats you want, automatically right on your wrist.

This smart tracker keeps track of heartbeats whole-day, during workouts and beyond—without any uncomfortable chest strap. Monitoring your heart rate during workout helps you gauge your effort. Moreover, it allows you to adjust workouts on the spot to ensure you’re pushing yourself hard enough without overtraining.

For providing you a calm and serene breathing experience, Fitbit Charge 2 has introduced latest medical innovation as the Relax feature in this amazing gadget. This feature provides you Guided Breathing Sessions based on your heartbeat.

Each session is powered by PurePulse technology and personalized by measuring beat-to-beat variations in your heart rate, and determine a comfortable breathing rate for you.

You can choose to get the biofeedback after every two or five-minutes. This super-efficient gadget use vibrations to help you align each inhale and exhale with the guide—so you can get the most out of your breathing experience.
Moreover, this amazing wristband will accurately track running GPS, but only if you take your phone with you.
It is important to mention that the Charge 2 is one of the strongest devices on the market, and right now is our top pick.

  • Monitors heart rate accurately.
  • Multi-sport tracking.
  • Connected GPS on your device.
  • Long Battery life (up to 5 days).
  • Swappable bands.
  • 1.5 inch OLED display.
  • Always-on heart rate.
  • Guarded Breathing Session.
  • Supports interval training.
  • Sleep tracking.
  • Silent vibrating alarm.
  • Monitors strength exercises.
  • No built-in GPS.
  • Not waterproof.

Due to all the features mentioned above it is included in our Top Printers 2018 list.

2)    Garmin Forerunner 230

Garmin Forerunner 230 is a great device for runners; it’s one of the most feature-packed, well-rounded wearable band money can ever buy. It packs GPS smart and spot-on tracking into a simple wristband.
This amazing wristband is made of a durable and super light plastic. It is waterproof to 50m. Moreover, this wearable gadget also comes with a rubber sports strap that is sweat resistant, and particularly designed for sports.
The Forerunner features most of the tools a runner requires. It will track speed, distance, VO2 MAX, heart rateand pace via GPS with extraordinary efficiency and accuracy. It is important to mention that this super-efficient gadget has modes for interval sessions and custom workouts made with Garmin Connect.
230 track your daily activities magnificently. It counts steps, calories burnt and the distanceyou travelled throughout the day. In addition to that, forerunner features a move bar function. This versatile feature notifies yollkklu about the sedentary alerts using vibration and motivates you to move when you’ve been sitting too long.
PlForerklunne r allows you to see the incoming emails, text messages, call alerts, calendar reminders and more from your compkldfatible smartphone with its Smart Notification feature.

Furthermore, you can receive audio prompts from your connected smartphone, which include laps and lap times.
Garmin forerunner 230 allows you to customize your data fields. With this personalized customization you can redefine your fitness goals. These concise, easy-to-understand data fields let you view your track progress, activities toward goals.

Health and fitness regimen is derived by continuously pumped up motivation. So, to get the most of your motivation boost,LiveTrack feature allows the comparison of your performance with family and friends in real time by sharing your data via Garmin Connect and this is another feature that made us include it in our Top fitness trackers 2018 list.

You can also receive current weather updates right on your compatible Garmin device by using the app’s wireless connectivity links. In addition to that you can download watch faces, widgets and applications all for free at Connect IQ.

According to our experts, Garmin Forerunner 230 may be the best bang for your buck running specific watches released till date.

  • Waterproof up to 50m.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • GPS based speed/pace tracker.
  • Long Battery Life.
  • Large display.
  • Advanced activity tracking feature.
  • LiveTrack Feature.
  • VO2 MAX Estimate.
  • Automatic Race Predictor.
  • Weather forecast.
  • Customizable data fields.
  • Smart Notifications.
  • No multi-sport feature.

Due to all the features mentioned above Garmin Forerunner 230 is included in our Top Printers 2018 list.

3)    Fitbit Alta HR

The Fitbit Alta HR is on third number on our roundup for the best fitness tracking device. Itbrings heart-rate tracking to its slim and stylish fitness wristband. Alta positioned a little further down this list. The earlier device is fabulous for basic tracking but it misses out on a couple of features, primarily heart rate monitoring.
Alta HR is the best pick for those who want to keep half an eye on their fashion choice and half on their activity, and still be poised for more high-intensity workouts.

Tapping the screen twice wakes it up and after that you can tap once to toggle through different features. The basic features Fitbit Alta HR includes are mentioned as: trackfootsteps, distance you travelled (without GPS), your calories burned, active minutes that day and will provide you your sleep insights.

The Alta HR also displays notifications for incoming emails, calls, texts and some other supported apps from your phone on your wrist top.

The most valuable feature of Fitbit Alta HR is that it boasts much improved sleep tracking compared to the previous models, which is of great interest for anyone that struggles to get a good sleep. Alta HR accurately displays your REM cycles and periods of deep and light sleep.

This well designed fitness tracker have one more worth mentioning feature that it can accurately track footsteps. The Alta HR does that, to its credit — compared to the other fitness trackers with GPS assistance, the Alta HR by Fitbit delivered very close and precise results that were only very slightly optimistic without GPS.

Alta HR does a great job of reminding you to get up and move when you have been sitting for too long. Once every hour between 9 am and 6 pm, the band buzzes to coax 250 steps out of you. It is worth mentioning that Fitbit Alta HR allows you to customize the frequency of your reminders, or change the benchmarks.

The big bonus of using Fitbit Alta HR device is the software. The Fitbit app lets you manually log things like water consumption, caloric intake, and weight.Furthermore, the Alta HR offers SmartTrack feature that automatically recognize certain activities, like running, walking and elliptical workouts, recording them in the exercise section of the app.

  • Long battery life.
  • Slim and stylish design.
  • Sleep stages information are useful.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Excellent app and ecosystem.
  • Swappable bands.
  • No on-band controls.
  • Not water resistant.
  • Notifications are a bit difficult to read.
  • No breathing sessions.

Due to all the features mentioned above Fitbit Alta HR is included in our Top Printers 2018 list.

4)    Garmin Vivoactive HR

The Vivoactive’s versatile, multipurpose function and design make it one of the best smart GPS fitness watches on the market.Garmin Vivoactive HR includes an array of features likeall-day activity tracking,built-in optical heart-rate sensor, phone notifications, GPS, multiple sport profiles and an always-on display.

For whatever sport you are buying this amazing gadget, the Vivoactive HR’s tracking is bang on, with decent, relatable metrics available whether you’re running, cycling or doing a general gym session. The watch deliver more accurate calorie burn metrics and can show general periods of elevated heart rate over the course of the day.
Garmin Vivoactive HR provides you an incredible list of sports that includes Run, bike, pool swim, ski, golf, walk, XC ski, run indoor, bike indoor, walk indoor and row indoor. A surprising amount of data is involved in each mode. You get distance, pace, HR and cadence for running, but also ascent for skiing distance for indoor running.

Apart from sports this eye-catching gadget can pull pretty much any notification from your smartphone. It lets you stay on top of updates while working out and due to this it is included in our best fitness tracker 2018 list.
HR is waterproof up to 50 meters and can be used for pool swimming. Stroke type, Stroke count and Interval distance are all available. You can also resume and pause your swim using the interval count feature.

The GPS of this splendid gadget is great and never disappoints you when it comes to real performance measures. This is the key as it helps the Vivoactive more accurately track your exercise, with runs correctly monitored to the metre.

Vivoactive HR will monitor your sleep automatically. This efficient gadget knows when you are inactive and asleep versus when you are moving and awake. So, using vivoactive HR you can better track your sleeping routine.
Vivoactive HR measuresyour inactivity in the little bar on the left side of the display which is called the Move Bar.This feature shows the notification when you’ve been sitting too long and motivates you to move.

  • Useful Display.
  • GPS Support.
  • Water resistant to 5 ATMs.
  • Multiple and customizable alarms.
  • Interchangeable wrist bands.
  • Tracks almost everything.
  • Smart Notifications.
  • Swim tracking feature.
  • Comfortable and easy to wear silicone bands.
  • Long battery Life (Up to 8 days watch mode, 13 hours GPS mode)
  • It’s bit bulky.
  • Occasional synchronization and connection problem.

Due to all the features mentioned above Garmin Vivoactive HR is included in our Top Printers 2018 list.

5)    Apple Watch Nike+

Sports and Technology team up to bring a new athletic gadget i.e. Apple Watch Nike+. This splendid wristband brought the features of swim-proofing, GPS, new bands, and more on your wrist top.

It is one of the top rated fitness tracker 2018 has to offer. The Nike+ version by Apple is a solid, good looking and premium device, hewn from aluminum and available in silver or grey finishes. The bands are soft, flexible and comfortable to wear.

Nike+ includes two custom watch faces and these are one of the additions exclusive to the Nike+ version of the Watch. These customizable faces allow the quick access to the Nike Run Club. The integration of app on Apple’s hardware is seamless. Using the Nike Run Club app you can choose indoor or outdoor – cancelling the GPS tracking. Moreover, you can select the type of measurement you want: distance, time or speed.

Nike+ is the perfect running partner on your wrist.It combines the unique features of Apple Watch Series 2 and the Nike+ Run Club app, for an unparalleled running experience that includes motivation for runs, guidance from the world’s bestathletes and coaches, and customized plans that adapt to your schedule.

While running you see only elapsed time and distance in the standard setup. But don’t worry an “advanced” toggle in the watch app’s settings allows you to also display your pace and heart rate.

You can use this splendid gadget as a time-keeper;it offers a stunning, easy-to-read display. Big yellow numerals are stacked—hours on top of minutes—to the right of three app shortcuts.

Moreover, Nike+ by Apple is water resistant up to 50m. So, you can wear it while swimming and bathing without any hesitation.

One amazing feature of Nike+ is its ability to schedule reminders for run.You just need to click any time slot and it will automatically send you a reminder notification when you should be starting your run.

If you are not wearing the headphones, you can get the voice prompt notifications via watch’s built-in speakers. Overall, Apple watch Nike+ is a good and functional gadget you can spend your money on.

  • Much faster than 1st generation
  • integrated GPS
  • Allows you to schedule run reminders.
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters.
  • Really bright display
  • Great looking band (perfect for breathability and running)
  • Improved battery life (upto 18 hrs.)
  • Gives Weather forecast
  • Quick glances at texts, emails, and other notifications
  • You can store local music from Apple Music and listen through bluetooth headphones
  • Great for swimming
  • Heart monitor is not accurate.
  • Only compatible with iphones.

Due to all the features mentioned above Apple Nike+ is included in our Top Printers 2018 list.

6)    Samsung Gear Fit2

“Samsung Gear Fit2” falls somewhere between the fitness tracker and the smart watch. Gear Fit2 is the best pick for those who want a feature packed tracker.

The Fit2 certainly looks more like a watch than its predecessor. It also features a textured strap that gives it a sporty style.The display screen is made from Gorilla Glass 3 so it should be pretty crack and scratch proof.
The Gear Fit2’s strap is made from elastomer which is water resistant with an IP68 certification. You can take it down to the watery depths of 1.5m for a maximum of 30 minutes. This is another model included in our list of top fitness tracker 2018 has to offer.

The Gear Fit2 can automatically detect and track steps, calories burnt and sleep insights. Along with that it is able to recognize when you are doing squats, riding a bike, using a rowing machine or doing yoga, and then log accordingly.

Moreover, Gear Fit2 also detects when you are sleeping and napping. It then takes all the recorded data and stacks it in a 24-hour log to give you an insight of you whole day activities. It also adds in times when you are not wearing thewristband on so you will know when it was not tracking your activities.

One of the nice features Fit2 offers is that you can see how many calories you have burned from each activity. According to our team of experts, it is also pretty accurate in noting your strenuous walking paces and light bouts of activity.

Some other areas that you can track with Fit2 are your water and caffeine intakes. Moreover, Fit2 tracks your heart rate after every 10 minutes.But here it is important to notify that the heart rate tracking has been a bit shaky. If you are pushing hard during some strenuous workouts, the Fit2’s heart rate measurements can go off by as much as 20 beats per minute.

Furthermore, Fit2 also notifies you about the incoming calls, SMS, emails, calendars on your wrist top. You can zoom in and zoom out your notifications by just double tapping on the screen. Due to some of these reasons it is included in our list of best fitness trackers 2018 has to offer.

  • Zoom in Zoom out feature.
  • Efficient notifications (emails, calls, sms, facebook, whatsapp)
  • Water and caffeine intakes tracking.
  • Efficient sleep tracking.
  • Automatic detection and tracking of steps and calories burnt.
  • Map your run precisely with built-in GPS.
  • Beautifully crafted AMOLED Vibrant display.
  • Compatible with both android and iOS smartphones.
  • On-board music storage.
  • No training sessions.
  • Short battery life.

Due to all the features mentioned above Samsung Gear Fit2 is included in our Top Printers 2018 list.

7)    WithingsActivité Pop

WithingsActivité Pop is another top fitness tracker 2018 is offering. If you are searching for a regular watch that also happens to do a couple of semi-smart tasks especially fitness-tracking then WithingsActivité Pop is your best pick.

Activité pop is a splendid hybrid watch combining time and activity tracking at one place. The WithingsActivite Pop is a clever and stylish blend of everyday watch and connected fitness band that lasts months on a single battery.
The company has focused on functionality as well as the aesthetics of this dazzling watch. Thecase itself is made from stainless steel and the face is covered with responsive round mineral-domed-glass. Moreover, Pop features a swappable and comfortable silicon bands.

The watch works with an app named as Health Matte App. This is where all the magic of Activité pop happens. Without this app it is just a beautiful app and nothing else. The app is only available for iOS so it is only iphone compatible.

This radiant watch can incredibly track your activities such as steps, distance covered, running and calories burned.The wearable itself shows all the step-count data as a percentage progress of your 10,000 step goals. You will get the exact step-count on the Withing Health Matte App. The app also allows you to see the data collected from the sensors in the watch including number of calories burned, distance travelled and sleep patterns.

Furthermore, the watch has the capability to monitor and analyze your sleep cycles. It provides you with a plethora of information regarding your sleep such as how long you took to sleep, how long you slept and whether you were in deep or light sleep.

One of the amazing features of Activité pop is its Silent-alarm that lets you start your day with a gentle wake-up vibration.

  • Long Battery Life (up to 8 months autonomy ).
  • Tracks steps and sleep automatically.
  • Comfortable and easy to wear silicone straps.
  • Water resistant for swimming and showering.
  • Stunning Design.
  • Health Matte app for real coaching
  • No smartphone notifications.
  • Moving wrist also adds up to the step count.
  • No heart rate tracking.

Due to all the features mentioned above WithingsActivité Popis is included in our Top Printers 2018 list.

Final verdict:

Right now you have the list of best fitness trackers available in the market so far. After a hard work of 8 months the Legit Reviewer’s expert team has robustly tested and presented the list for you.

Carry on your new year’s fitness resolution with our top picks. And let us know about your opinions in the comment below

Legit Reviewers is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links. We have used all the products on this page and recommended them because these are products and companies that we have found helpful and trustworthy. Please let us know if you have any questions about anything listed in comments below!

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