Best Gaming TV 2018 | Review & Buyer’s Guide

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Best Gaming TV 2018

Boost your living room’s gaming experience with the best gaming TVs of 2018.

An HD display is the key for your thrilling gaming experience on Xbox or on PS4. No matter which console you use, there are certain factors you must keep in mind if you are planning to buy a new TV. This buyer’s guide is specially compiled to help you make your informed decision.

Along with the types of consoles and games, there are some other critical aspects that must be considered, including extra controllers, accessories like gaming headphones etc. These additional features are necessary because they can help in bringing you the best gameplay possible.

There is an incredible collection of screens available out there on the market to choose from, confusing you. Our experts have surveyed the market and rounded up the best gaming TVs, which are ready to feed all the bonus pixels into your eyeballs.

Without dragging it any further, let’s get to the business. Below we present the compilation of  top notch hot selling TVs for an ultimate gaming experience.

NameCurrent Price
Samsung Q9F QLED TV Series
Sony Bravia 55XE93
Samsung UE49KS8000T
Sony XBR-65X900E

Best Gaming TV 2018 Review

1)    Samsung Q9F QLED TV

If you want to get your hands-on Samsung’s mostly excellent 2017 TV tech, the Q9F QLED is just your pick. This amazing QLED TV makes it to the top of our round up.
The Q9F cannot fully escape a couple of traditional LCD compromises, but it on the other hand sets new standards in some of the key areas. It is uniquely visible in a typical brightly lit living room environment, as well as enjoys an elegant industrial design.

Samsung employs Quantum Dot technology is uniquely encased in a metal alloy case. This enables the Quantum Dots to generate a wide array of vibrant colors as well as well as more of the contrast and brightness, which are the key requirements of picture in the high dynamic range era.


Samsung Q9F QLED creates a minimalistic ‘monitor’ design with its perfect flat front and brushed-finish rear as well as the unit is potentially divisive, can struck one as highly attractive.

The neat looks to the TV is due to the placement of connections on an external One Connect box. Hence, there are just two wires running into the unit: a connection cable as well as a power cable from One Connect box, which uses fiber-optics technology to become as thin as thread. This design is great especially for those who will be wall-hanging the TV.

Moreover, Q9F also offers a choice of stand, in case you don’t want to hang the unit on the wall. However, the stand consists of two short, neckless feet that stays a few inches in from the bottom corner. These feet are fine, but their position requires that the TV to be sat on a spacious piece of furniture.


The Q9F is a feature rich TV. Its QLED panel is lit by a cutting-edge LED lighting system. The lights are arranged down each side of the TV, firing across the screen. It’s unique, because here the Samsung has not followed its usual way of using direct LED lights – where the lighting sit just behind the screen – in its leading TV. But in our point of view, the horizontal lights in combination with a local dimming system can give more effective results.

Certainly, the Q9F form Samsung carries a 4K resolution, though the HDR support spreads to the Hybrid Log Gamma system for HDR broadcasts. Moreover, the open-source dynamic metadata platform of Samsung is known as HDR10+, which combines these formats.

Well, Ultra HD HDR playback is the key purpose Q9F and, due to Samsung’s potent HDR track record, it is not surprising to find that the TV does it extremely well.

First of all, the record shows that the pictures are intensely bright as the unit delivers almost 1500 nits of brightness, and in smaller areas manages to reach nearer 1800 nits, on a 10% white HDR window, makes it one of the brightest TV on our round up.

Furthermore, due to HDR’s PQ curve, the Q9F QLED delivers an outstanding amount of subtle tonal details even in the brightest regions, hence avoiding the inclination to clip subtle information in such regions, which you may face with most other HDR-capable Televisions.


All connection options of Q9F is present on the One Connect box, which includes three USBs, four HDMIs and Wi-Fi/Ethernet network connectivity options. The HDMIs are constructed with the latest features for Full HDR and 4K support. Moreover, these network connectivity options provision streaming from internet as well as give access to online features through Samsung’s advanced ‘Eden’ smart TV interface.

Due to all these features it is included in our best gaming tvs 2018 list.

  • Unprecedented color levels
  • Lovely industrial design
  • Contagrip outsole guarantees firm grasp on craggy terrain
  • Minimal cabling to screen
  • Occasional HDR color banding

2)    LG OLED55C7P

The OLED55C7P is the most reasonable OLED model from LG, but don’t let the affordable price fool you, because it is not any less good as compared to its more expensive siblings.

The astonishing set of features of C7 includes: its cutting-edge video specifications, it has a 55” OLED TV panel with HDR support, 4K Ultra HD resolution, Dolby Atmos decoding, as well as the advanced version of Company’s webOS smart TV platform.


The C7 features a fervently flat design. The reason is that, LG has decided to not offer an TV with bent design in this year’s round up, since market research depicts fading demand for the curved ones.

The super-slim OLED panel of C7 is enclosed by a black bezel that is somewhat unique from the design of the its predecessor that contains some silver accents.

The outstanding color combination of C7 has the ability to blend into the dark rooms seamlessly. In addition, the unique color combination is equally good for brightly lit rooms as well.
You can hang C7 anywhere on the wall but in either case the C7 comes with a stand to place it on the cabinet. The LG’s “Alpine” stand hovers up slightly, as well as carries a soft metallic silver finish.

Furthermore, the remote control of the C7V is easy to use and well-constructed. It features a gesture-based mouse pointer, which integrates flawlessly with the webOS 3.5 portal hence providing you with a responsive and intuitive gaming experience. In addition, there are two dedicated buttons, which enables the one-click access to Amazon and Netflix.


The C7 from LG features an OLED Technology. It is a self-emissive technology that means, every pixel on the screen can be turned on/off irrespective of one another. So, the bright whites can co-exist with truly jet blacks, plays an important role for the stunning contrast performance.

C7 range from LG also delivers a wide viewing angles does not affect the saturation and contrast off-axis. You can view the TV screen by sitting almost anywhere in the room and your picture will not fade out.
Furthermore, LG has improved the peak brightness by almost 20 %. It has been done by adding more subtle gradients for better shadow detail, improving the lowest end of the black range, varying the nonreflective panel coating, so the display shows a deeper black look when turned off as well as minimized the input lag down to about 21 ms.

As all LG’s OLED Televisions features the same processing chips and panels, so the quality of picture is basically the same across the board. And as far as the audio quality of C7 is concerned it is far better than the flat-panel TV standards. Dialogues are clear, and there are enough dynamic range to content day-to-day viewing.


The setup of the LG C7 OLED has a user-friendly WebOS interface. You just need to plug the unit into the wall outlet, and turn on the TV by hitting the power button on using the Magic Motion remote, and the WebOS console will guide you through a brief setup wizard. For configuring your TV, you first need to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Once connected to the network, the TV will scan for over-the-air (OTA) TV signals and you are all set with your connected TV. The connection options included in C7 are: 4x HDMI inputs 3x USB ports, Ethernet (LAN) port and 1x composite video input.

Due to all these features it is included in our best gaming tvs 2018 list.

  • Infinite contrast
  • Rich, natural colors
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Superb gaming responsiveness
  • Trouble handling interlaced video

3)    Sony Bravia 55XE9305

The 55XE9305 is a first-class model, which integrates Sony’s most powerful video-processing engine with an enhanced version of the company’s patented Slim Backlight Drive technology.

The Bravia XE9305 plays a vital role in making a major improvement over its predecessor. In addition, it is one of the most remarkable HDR performers we have tested to date.


The 55XE9305 from Sony is the model that is exceptionally well-built. It nearly weighs 30kg, which is far more than most advanced 55” Televisions. Each aspect of its finish looks well posh – from its cross-hatched rear to its glassy front.

The golden accents spreads tastefully to its centrally mounted stand. The frame of TV measures 48.5 x 28.1 x 1.57 inches (W x H x D). While the crisp, minimalist lines of the frames are backed up by a comprehensive cable-management system.

Furthermore, the TV has a dedicated remote control with tactile keys, which can be located by touch. The remote contains a separate Netflix and Google Play buttons that are much appreciated.


The Bravia XE9305 from Sony, features two sets of light guide plates and two sets of LED lights to deliver more localized light control as compared to other edge-lit LCD Television sets. Though, the XE9305 enhances the number of dimming regions to enable brightness management down to an even more local level.

The amazing thing about XE9305 is that its processing is offered by the X1 Extreme chipsets, first introduced in Sony’s fantastic ZD9. These chipsets have the capability to delivers 40% more processing power as compared to the genuine X1 chips, and two key new features.

These chipsets work in steps. First, it improves video noise management and upscaling by a dual-database system. And the it gives enough flexibility and power to cater the addition of Dolby Vision through a firmware update in this year.

Sony has integrated the advanced Hybrid Log Gamma HDR in the model via a firmware update. So, it has been ensured that the XE9305 supports the industry standard HDR10 right out of the box.

Most of the Android Televisions still lacks the support for the ITV Player, All 4 UK catch-up TV platforms etc. But fortunately, the Sony has equipped the XE9035 with YouView and resolved this issue. So, now your TV can give you all the UK catch-up TV services, with an easy-to-use electronic programmed guide, which allows you to scroll back in period to watch the archived shows.

Furthermore, the Amazon and Netflix Videos are supported with full 4K/HDR personifications – and the XE9305 delivers all services’ Dolby Vision streams after the update of Dolby Vision firmware.
In addition to the incredible features of XE9305, putting a selection of Ultra HD Blu-ray diskettes unveils a justly dazzling combination of vibrant colors and extreme brightness. The bright highlights of HDR pictures of flickering torches, sun beams, car headlights, etc. burst off the panel with more HDR radiance as compared to any other edge LED Television screen we have ever reviewed.

In addition to the exceptional brightness where, according to our industry experts, the panel measured an output of almost 1400 nits on a 10 % white window, the most extreme peaks comprise subtle color tones as well as details, delivering the “life like” look. Moreover, the XE9305 from Sony has the enhanced capability to avoid the clipping of details in brighter regions as compared to its predecessor, the ZD9. Although the ZD9 is far better in brightness and black-level performance than XE93.


As far as the connections are concerned, the Sony has simplified the it on the XE93. On the rear of the removable panel, all the connections ae easier to access, you will find a combination of sideways and downwards facing inputs. Here, the sideways facing connections include two USB ports, an optical digital output, an HDMI input, a connected subwoofer and headphones, a hybrid connector for component and composite video inputs and a hybrid output for analogue audio.

While the downwards facing connections include an Ethernet port, 3 HDMI inputs, a USB port and terrestrial, a LAN port, as well as a twin satellite connectors for the built-in tuners. Moreover, the XE9305 from Sony has also built-in Wi-Fi for wireless streaming.

Due to all these features it is included in our best gaming tvs 2018 list.

  • Superb SDR/HD upscaling
  • Blisteringly bright HDR images
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Stunningly rich colors
  • Blooming around bright objects
  • Android TV is cumbersome

4)    Samsung UE49KS8000T

Samsung is well-known for its topnotch Televisions, in fact, it is the planet’s number one TV manufacturer. And has manufactured countless TV models till date, and still offering a lineup greater than any other competing brand.

Every model from Samsung comprise unique set of features on its own. And E49KS8000T from Samsung is famous for three reasons.  Firstly, this model is known as brand’s SUHD TV, which means it integrates an ultra-bright LCD screen with a native dimming system for the backlight as well as a wide color spectrum capabilities built on a patented version of QD (Quantum Dot) technology.

Secondly, the built of this model is flat rather than a curved, making it unique in Samsung’s SUHD range. And thirdly, for a TV that provides countless cutting-edge specifications along with a lot of ‘next-generation’ potential, the price tag of UE49KS8000 looks very much reasonable.
To know more about this amazing model, read on below.


The design of the of KS8000 is quite attractive. Samsung has sensibly keep the design of this model away from the aggressively styled but chunky look of most of its previously manufactured models. So, this model has more minimalist look that earns it a huge plus. Moreover, with 43 x 25 x 1.6 inches (W x H x D) dimensions, this model from Samsung can be hanged on the wall more naturally than the curved models.

The 43 x 25 inches screen of UE49KS8000 have a floaty feel because it sits a bit low on a silver boomerang-shaped stand. This is perfectly surrounded by a super-thin bezel that has a glinting metallic trim, gives the unit a high-class feel.

In addition, the slender deep rear of UE49KS8000 measures 1.6 inches and is made of plastic. The rare has an attractive finish with no unpleasant grilling or rivets. What’s make this model stands apart is that it is shipped with two remote controls: a button laden, bog-standard one and a remarkably button-light “smart” design. The later one is initially a little intimidating to some users, in its dearth, but eventually using it starts to feel like second nature.


The UE49KS8000 has a star turn feature, which allows the model to deliver native Ultra HD Premium HDR images. This job is done through an edge LED lighting system that has the capability of getting almost 1000 nits of brightness at 10% of white area, while keeping a strong contrast performance courtesy of local/native dimming. The local dimming system, enables different sections of the LED lighting to yield variant light levels in accordance with the picture you are watching on your screen.

Moreover, the 49KS8000 features Samsung’s patented take on QD (Quantum Dot) technology, as mentioned in the introduction of this model. QD technology is quite impressive for the UE49KS8000’s price point as well as it covers almost 96% of the DCI-P3 color spectrum, mostly employed in digital cinemas, and almost 70% of the BT.2020 color spectrum, which is quite often used for HDR video streaming. So, you can say the UE49KS8000 is able to handle the wide array of color spectrums, which accompany all the present HDR sources.

This model from Samsung also features a long list of front-line digital image processing tools, which you usually expect from such a high-class set. The list of image-processing tools includes motion enhancement, noise reduction, color enhancement, as well as various strength configurations for the local dimming engine.

Furthermore, the set includes the new HDR+ system that makes the SDR sources look like HDR and the advanced UHD upscaling system for translating HD footage in to UHD.

Due to all these features it is included in our best gaming tvs 2018 list.


The UE49KS8000’s connectivity is strong enough due to its 4 HDMI cables each of which have the ability to properly manage the advance HDR signals from 4K/HDR Blu-ray players, as well as three USB ports and Ethernet LAN port. The model also supports the Wi-Fi network connectivity for wireless streaming of the content right from the internet.
Everything regarding connections of UE49KS8000 is quite satisfying except, it lacks a normal headphone port; so, you can connect the headphones with set via Bluetooth.

  • Good smart TV system
  • Stunningly dynamic HDR pictures
  • Strong built and gorgeous design
  • No 3D support.
  • No Dolby vision.
  • No headphone port.

Due to all the features mentioned above it is included in our Top Running Shirts 2018 list.

Due to all these features it is included in our best gaming tv 2018 list.

5)    Sony XBR-65X900E

The X900E is the top-rated series of TVs from Sony and this 65 inch 4K UHD LED backlit TV can be considered one of the best TV of the year who have flawlessly implemented the HDR technology and makes it to our round up of top 5 Gaming TVs. HDR enables for a wide range from dark to light and for more vibrant colors. Hence, enhancing your gaming experience.

Sony has not boasted the top-tier video processing system, but the 65X900E comprise a successful combination of a rare direct lighting system with Triluminos color technology, an eye-catching design as well as affordable price, which makes this model a mid-range hero.


The X900E features a slim and sleek panel design having a quite thin bezel. The bezel measures 0.3 inches surrounding the TV screen and have a semi-gloss finish. While the panel depth is also very thin and measures only 2.2 inches at its thickest point.

The 65-inch 65X900E appears to be more plastic-made as compared to Sony X930 and AE1 OLED TV. But when you are all ready to install this incredible TV on mounting stand, it would dazzle you with the premium TV impressive appearance.

The outlook of this screen appears glossy and is supported on a thin black frame. Desktop comes with an illuminated metallic finish. In addition, the stand’s connection supports thoughtfully contain a convenient cable management system, keeps you free from dangling wires and gives your set an elegant look.


Sony is unbeatable when it comes to the matter of revealing the potential of all those pixels that make up a 4K panel, and the 65X900E is no exception. UHD Blu-rays and 4K streaming look more detailed and crisp due to the integration of Triluminos engine, that has the ability of subtle color management, the best motion processing and excellent light control for an LCD TV.

It is important to mention that the direct-lit LCD images of X900E are nowhere near as bright as those of advanced models of the series like XE9305 step-up LCD model. Measurements shows that the 65X900E only hits some 850 nits of brightness while presenting a white HDR block, which that takes up 10% of the panel. As mentioned in our guide above, the 55XE9305 hits almost 1450 nits with the same signal.

Upscaling is one of the most fundamental features on a 4K TV sets. The Sony’s 4K HDR improves colors and black levels and they reveal themselves as lifelike. Moreover, the audio is provided by two included speakers with a max output of 20 watts. Another interesting features of XBR-65X900E is that it allows you to share content, and screen mirroring to your tablet or any other smart device.


The X900E have a plentiful connection options despite the relatively affordable price. The connections include 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs, each supports HDR as well as 4K sources and 3 USB ports. Moreover, the network can be accessed via built-in Wi-Fi or an Ethernet LAN port.

Due to all these features it is included in our best gaming tv 2018 list.

  • Good value
  • Strong HDR Pictures
  • High-quality SDR pictures
  • Splendid design
  • Viewing angle is not as broad as it should be.

Final Verdict:

Our review is meant to provoke the thought of “why” before you buy while you are all set to place an order for your best gaming TV.

You have been looking here and there for a while? Weren’t you? And here we come to serve you with our professional opinion and complete detailed reviews of some top selling Best Gaming TVs.
With an extended variety of gaming TVs available on the market, we are guiding you through the tough procedure of finalizing a budget friendly and valuable deal.

For your enthusiastic gaming experience, you deserve a responsive TV that matches your vigor. Just have a look on our top picks and finalize your deal.

We would to hear from you, let us know about your feedback in the comments below.
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