The 5 Best Smartwatches 2018 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Gaming TV 2018
Best Gaming TV 2018 | Review & Buyer’s Guide
December 2, 2017
Best Smartwatches 2018

Are you searching for a unique, stylish, technical, and latest gadget for yourself?

Then you should actually go for a trendy smartwatch available on the market. As today, smartwatch is a precise definition of style, class and technology combined, making it a perfect addition to your watches collection.

A smartwatch can perform plenty of tasks even it can be a replacement of your smart phone. It can give you notifications, track your fitness routine, allows you to make a call or even a purchase, you can send and receive sms, emails etc. But the problem is, smartwatches are available in numerous designs and qualities and every smartwatch is not worthy to pay for. So, you need to be smart for purchasing a smartwatch for yourself.

Our experts are at your disposal to help you through this daunting experience of hunting the market for a best smartwatch. We have rounded up the market’s top smartwatches in this buyer’s guide to help you make your known decesion. Our list comprises of:

NameCurrent Price
Apple Watch 3
Samsung Gear Sport
LG Watch Sport
Samsung Gear S3
Asus ZenWatch 3

Let’s start our review without any further delay.

Best Smartwatches 2018 Review

1)    Apple Watch 3

Upgrade your existing watch with our top pick, Apple Watch 3. This amazing watch delivers a perfect equilibrium of a convenient smartwatch and a best fitness tracker to make it a versatile companion. Apple Watch 3 is the result of third iteration of Apple watch series, hence contains many improvements compared to its ancestors, the main highlights of this splendid watch are: W2 wireless chip, altimeter, water resistance, heart rate monitor, fitness tracker and built-in GPS. To know more about this product, read on the review below.


Apple maintains the same sleek, mini-iPhone aesthetic for the watch’s body. It measures 2 x 12 x 2 inches and weighs 1.5 lbs. The straps of the watch are made from a slightly elastic fabric and features a hook and loop fixing to secure around your wrist. As the material of the straps is slightly stretchy so you will find it super-comfortable on your wrist.

The watch is available in 2 OLED Display sizes such as 38mm and 42mm. The display used 1000 nits for brightness. Such searing level of brightness makes it clearly visible in sunlight and brightly lit rooms.

Apple keeps the size of the watch consistent, despite of the addition of LTE connectivity and a new dual-core processor, by cleverly squeezing the LTE antenna behind the broad screen. Swipes and taps on screen feels responsive, as do fiddles and presses on the side button and the Digital Crown.

The noticeable difference in the design of Apple series 3 than its ancestors is the presence of a red dot on the Digital crown, which is not appreciable by mostly users. This red dot denotes your always connected capability.

Another noticeable feature that Apple has opted to include is an eSIM. The size of this eSIM is typically smaller than a nano-SIM.


Despite, the watch has been mainly designed to free you up from your phone, you will still need your phone for setting up the watch and for the installation of required apps.

The big upgrade, Apple has made in the third iteration of his smartwatches is its always-connected cellular functionality. It functionality works on all major cellular carriers. This functionality comes in to play when the companion iPhone is beyond the range of your smart watch, while the cellular supports data and voice.

The Watch communicates to outside world in three ways. First it will look for your iPhone, pairing via a Bluetooth connection if in range. If this is not the case, then the watch will look for a Wi-Fi. If none of these options are available — the Watch then automatically enables LTE cellular, which is otherwise disabled to save power.

This auto-switching between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE cellular is managed by Apple’s advanced W2 chip. This new wireless chip from Apple is capable of providing 70% faster Wi-Fi, and 50% more power-efficient Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.

The most amazing feature of series 3 from Apple is a barometric altimeter, that is capable of detecting variations in height and thereby include elevation gained, steps climbed, and similar data in workout reports.

Similar to its predecessor, the Series 3 from Apple is rated as water-resistant up to 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010.

Due to all these features it is included in our best smartwatches 2018 list.

  • Built-in GPS and GLONASS
  • Up to 18 hours of battery life
  • Water resistant 50 meters
  • W2 chip
  • Faster dual-core processor
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Ion-X strengthened glass
  • Heart rate sensor
  • WatchOS 4 enhancements
  • LTE drains battery quickly.

2)    Samsung Gear Sport

Gear Sport is Samsung’s signature watch. Samsung stuffed this smartwatch with an aggressive range of features including calorie and sleep-tracking, fitness tracking, contactless payments, smart home control, music playback and a lot more. If you want to know more about this product, read below.


The Gear Sport from Samsung has an eye-catching design. It features a 1.2-inch round Super AMOLED screen having 360×360 pixels. The colors of AMOLED screens are vibrant and the brightness level goes quite high making the screen visible equally in day and night.

Moreover, the Gear sport contains a round, rotatable bezel mounted atop a middle section. This rotatable bezel is a replacement of digital crown and is far more convenient to use. The sport’s case and bezel are made of stainless steel, while the underside is a heart rate sensor with a small window.

The cross-sectional area of the watch’s case is only 42.9 mm, makes it highly comfortable to wear. In addition the Sport is also very light-weight by weighing only 67g along with the strap. Furthermore, the heaves are visible and extend towards bottom of the watch. They accept standard 20 mm straps made up of silicon, being a sports watch. While, a standard clip mechanism safeguards the watch and wraps it comfortably around your wrist.

Two buttons are present on the right side of the case. The first one is back, and the other one is home. In addition, there is a microphone between the two buttons.


If we talk about the performance of Gear sport, it lacks LTE connectivity. You connected the Gear to your phone via Bluetooth or to a Wi-Fi network, but the Gear Sport will lose the connectivity as well as many other features if you leave home without your smartphone. Cutting short you need your phone within the range of watch.

The Gear Sport have a storage of 4GB and can store music offline, as well as you can download your Spotify playlists and listen them with Bluetooth headphones during running or working outs. This amazing feature does not available in Apple Watch, which currently only works with Apple Music.

If speed is your concern then we would suggest you go for Apple watch because the Gear Sport is not as fast as our top pick Apple Watch Series 3, but it performs well as compared to any Android Wear smartwatch you can find on the market.

The highlights of technical specification of Gear Sport are mentioned as: 4Gb internal storage, 1GHz dual-core processor and 768MB of RAM.

The interface of the Gear Sport as smooth as fluid, scrolling through the apps is not a problem with Gear sport, it performs well.

The basic idea of Samsung was to sell a versatile piece of wearable, which can perform each and every function. So, it includes a high-end fitness trackers in this smartwatch to make it a full-fledge smartwatch in literal meaning. Due to all these features it is included in our best smartwatches 2018 list.

This splendid piece of wearable can automatically track your runs and other workouts, as well as keep the record of steps-taken you taken and calories burned. In addition, monitors your heart and get frequent readings of heart rate throughout the day.

  • Attractive case
  • Bright, colorful screen
  • Useful rotating bezel
  • Four-day battery
  • Tracks almost all fitness activities
  • Built-in GPS
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters
  • Unreliable sleep tracking
  • Lack LTE connectivity

3)    LG Watch Sport

The Watch Sport from LG is burly and intelligent smartwatch, which is able to keep up with all of your fitness routine, as well as adequately smart to make calls, use Google Assistant with or without your phone within the range. LG Watch Sport packs the best features, any Google watch so far can and runs Android Wear 2.0. To know more about LG Sport Watch, read below.


When it comes to design, as the name suggests, the LG Watch Sport is the one specifically designed for Sports purpose. This wearable comes under the category of the smallest Android watch, hence feels good and comfortable on the wrist. Slipping this wearable under sleeve and back out is a cakewalk, making it a genuine wear-all-day kind of watch.

The LG Watch Sport features an attractive design. It has a brushed metal frame finish and a 1.4” P-OLED display screen (with 480 x 480 pixels) that makes the bezels fall away.

This watch is specifically designed to boast the Android Wear 2.0 OS (operating system). The watch utilizes the whole face for displaying important information and notifications, without compromising on the aesthetics.

The Watch Sport from LG features rotating crown buttons, which allows the easy access to apps, moreover, keeps fingerprints away from the watch’s faces.


As far as the performance of LG Watch Sport is concerned, it is a true Rockstar. The fitness features of this splendid wearable are solid. If you are a runner and thinking of the LG Watch Sport to track your workouts precisely and accurately, then we must say you have selected the right gear for yourself.

For LG Watch Sport, the Google Fit has been upgraded, even has a dedicated quick-start button. So, you may track your running pace, time, speed. In addition, monitor your heart rate and more during running or cycling, as well as you can measure weight lifting repetitions at the gym. The Android Wear 2.0 can possibly track deadlifts, press-ups, bicep curls, chin-ups, – hence providing you the whole fitness tracker package.

Basically, Android Wear 2.0 is engineered for network connectivity, so you may use the wearable from LG for training or similar activities, while still being notified to your important calls and messages – without a connected phone. It does not matter if you are an iPhone user or an Android use, this wearable work well with greater cross-compatibility.

Responding to messages is quite simple, thanks to voice typing, dictation and handwriting recognition options. These all options work well, out of three whatever option you will choose to use will become your personal preference. Due to all these features it is included in our best smartwatches 2018 list.

Due to the network connectivity, the Google Assistant voice recognition performs its job well even in noisy environments, even without a phone. So, controlling everything through your voice commands is no longer a dream it’s a reality now. To access the Google Assistant, you just need to hold the side button or say “OK Google” and you are good to go.

  • IP68 water resistance
  • Premium design
  • Accurate step and heart rate monitoring.
  • GPS and NFC
  • Convenient dial
  • Built-in cellular modem
  • Google Assistant Voice recognition
  • Heavy and bulky

4)    Samsung Gear S3

Samsung manages to make each feature in its stacked smartwatch work, making the Gear S3 one of the most enjoyable smart wearable. This is a huge timepiece that offers all the features you’d expect from a smartwatch, including GPS, a heart rate monitor, water resistance, NFC, activity tracking, an altimeter and in some cases even LTE. It pairs them with a great screen, a long-lasting battery and – similar to Apple – a high price, all wrapped up in either a sporty ‘Frontier’ finish or a smarter ‘Classic’ look. Read below for more details.


There are two Gear S3 models — the Classic and the Frontier. The differences are minute: The Gear S3 Frontier has a sportier design, is 5 grams heavier, and comes with a more rugged silicone strap.

The S3’s 1.3-inch AMOLED screen was bright enough to view, day or night. With a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels.

The right side of the S3 has two buttons: The upper one works as a universal back button, and the bottom button serves to return you to the home screen or the app menu.

Its face is protected by Gorilla Glass, and it’s MIL-SPEC-810G rated to withstand drops of about 5 feet. The watch can withstand being submerged in up to 5 feet (about 1.5 meters) of water for up to 30 minutes.


While the S3 is packed with sensors — it has an altimeter and a barometer, in addition to GPS and a heart-rate monitor — the lack of major fitness apps for the Gear S3 is a bummer. You can sign up for the excellent Pear app, which provides training, but other than that, you’re stuck with the Gear Fit app. To be sure, the S3 can track a wide variety of activities — including elliptical, rowing machines, squats, lunges and cycling — and it has an altimeter and barometer to measure your elevation and the weather.

As with the Gear IconX, you can transfer music you downloaded to your Samsung phone to the Gear S3.

According to Samsung, the S3’s 380-mAh battery can last up to three days on a charge.

The 4G LTE radio in the S3 Frontier unleashes the potential of a truly untethered smartwatch. Leave your smartphone at home, and you can still make calls, read (and respond) to emails and texts, get news and weather updates, and even download apps. Due to all these features it is included in our best smartwatches 2018 list.

  • Simple interface with rotating bezel
  • Easily replaceable 22mm bands
  • More than a day of battery life
  • Water resistant
  • Works with Samsung Pay
  • Not enough third-party app support
  • Spotty android phone connection sometimes.

Due to all the features mentioned above it is included in our Top Running Shirts 2018 list.

5)    Asus ZenWatch 3

Asus did a great job refining its latest Android Wear smartwatch. The ZenWatch 3 has one of the best displays of any smartwatch, great battery life and is built well. It’s missing a few features but it’s an undeniably attractive smartwatch.


The Asus ZenWatch 3 sports a circular 1.39-inch AMOLED display that doesn’t suffer from the flat tire effect like the Moto 360. With a pixel density of 287 pixels per square inch, text is incredibly sharp and colors pop.

It’s also covered with Gorilla Glass so it should standup against scratches. the ZenWatch 3 has an eye-catching stainless steel case with rose gold accents around the display, case and crown button.

The most notable design features of the ZenWatch 3 is its faux chronograph buttons on the right side of its case and its weird lug guards.

problem with the chunky lugs is that they make the included strap very stiff on the wrist and make impossible to lay the watch flat.

You can quickly swap out bands via the clip on each strap, but the unique lugs mean you won’t be able to use traditional watch straps with the ZenWatch 3.

the faux chronograph buttons are customizable. By default, the top button is set for Asus ZenFit to track your workouts and the bottom button is set to turn on ECO Mode (airplane mode) to preserve battery life.


The Asus ZenWatch 3 is sporting the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100, a chip designed specifically for wearables. The headline for this chip is that it’s supposedly 25% more efficient and can power watches with LTE modems. The ZenWatch 3 doesn’t have its own LTE chip, but it does support Wi-Fi.
Asus is making some bold claims about its activity tracking via the previously mentioned ZenFit watch app. It claims the ZenWatch 3 can track to 95% accuracy. How it’s come to this figure isn’t really known. With no GPS inside, it relies on its six-axis gyroscope and accelerometer for step counting. The ZenFit app can also track push-ups and sit-ups, too.

Then there’s Google’s clever Assistant available from your wrist, activated by holding the power button. This lets you use your voice to instruct a digital assistant to answer questions, make phone calls or control your home automation services. Due to all these features it is included in our best smartwatches 2018 list.

Watch faces have customisable complications, so they have much more dynamic information available at a glance. Then you can also respond to incoming messages through a new on-screen keyboard complete with swipe gestures.

  • AMOLED Display
  • 4GB internal memory
  • Water resistant 50 meters
  • 512 MB RAM
  • No GPS
  • No Heart Rate sensor

Final Verdict:

Our review is meant to provoke the thought of “why” before you buy while you are all set to place an order for your best gaming TV.

You have been looking here and there for a while? Weren’t you? And here we come to serve you with our professional opinion and complete detailed reviews of some top selling Best smart watches With an extended variety of smart watches available on the market, we are guiding you through the tough procedure of finalizing a budget friendly and valuable deal.

For your enthusiastic gaming experience, you deserve a responsive smart watch that matches your vigor. Just have a look on our top picks and finalize your deal.

We would to hear from you, let us know about your feedback in the comments below.
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